Security Glazing

Johnson Bros Security Glazing is an effective anti-attack system with a track record of preventing attack by would be bank robbers. It is designed for existing windows where it can be readily tailored to fit virtually all applications.

Our secutity glazing is designed to be secure against many forms of attack and affords branch personnel protection from flying glass, bricks, and other types of intrusion like chemical sprays, etc

The system is made from a tough polymer which is up to 250 times stronger than glass and is mounted in a special frame which will sustain repeated attack with heavy blunt instruments like hammers, bricks, dustbins, beer barrels and pointed instruments like knives, spikes and chemical sprays.

Security glazing units can be either clear for non-obstructed vision (ideal for high street facing windows and public areas) or diffused for privacy (ideal for windows around cash dispensing machines and ‘behind the counter’ areas where public view from outside is not desirable).

Abrasion resistant (if required) where public or personnel traffic may lead to minor scratches becoming unsightly over short/medium period of time.

Blends in to the fabric of the building so as to be hardly noticeable giving a sense of openness and comfort whilst offering security without the prison effect of bars. It is also architecturally acceptable to many planning authorities in designated buildings.

The units can be easily fitted, either directly to the window frame or using a stout wooden ‘sub-frame’ by our trained personnel with minimum disruption to the branch operations and can be removed for decoration etc.